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Season subscriptions can be purchased directly from the Irving Symphony.  Click here for your order form or call  972 831-8818 for assistance.  After hours, leave your request and a representative will contact you. Click on the "Purchase Tickets Here" button by the concert of your choice to link you to the Irving Arts Center box office website.

Diamond Anniversary

Our 60th Season
Hector Guzman - Music Director

FEBRUARY 11, 2023


and Brahms' Magnificent Symphony No. 1


Symphony of An Immigrant

A new path is uncomfortable and might take longer than you expect. The Debut’s Symphony of violinist Scott Tixier is a tribute to his journey as an immigrant. Thrown into a new world without a net or a plan B. It’s leaving everything behind in pursuit of something extraordinary. Against the logic, the reason, in intent to be completely free. It develops in three movements. 


The opening and first movement represent the inevitable and impulsive nature of moving to a new continent. Hostile and unfamiliar at first, but full of excitement and mysteries to unfold. 


The second movement is an ode to what was once home but is no longer. Trying to navigate nostalgia and building new memories in that new environment. An internal struggle between past and present.


It closes with the 3rd movement unleashing the hope of a new beginning while looking at the path that has been traveled—a retrospective of one journey through the accomplishments, sorrows, scares, and trophies. 


Everyone has a singular and unique story, “The Symphony of An Immigrant” is to celebrate all that have left their home, literally or metaphysically. For the ones that are right now, away from their roots, and for those that are building new ones.

The evening concludes with the ISO performing Brahms' magnificent Symphony No. 1.

MARCH 25, 2023


and the Texas Guitar Quartet

The ancient Mayas are one of the most intriguing cultures in history because of their art, architecture, science, knowledge of the cosmos, and rich traditions. The documentary "Night of the Mayas" was a 1939 film that captured some of that Mayan life through the musical genius of Mexican composer Silvestre Revueltas. Enhanced by a multi-media presentation of fascinating images, this concert promises to be a thrilling experience. The evening begins with one of Gershwin's most colorful scores, and the beautiful and soothing sounds of the Texas Guitar Quartet compliment this wonderful night of music.

April 22, 2023

The Neil Diamond TRIBUTE

The ISO's memorable season comes to a close with SUPER DIAMOND---a band that pays tribute to the music of one of the most successful singer/songwriters ever: Neil Diamond. Come and  enjoy some of his greatest hits.  You will be singing and dancing before the night is over---a highly anticipated closing act to the exceptional Diamond Anniversary season!

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